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Favorite Sonic continuities by Hero-T Favorite Sonic continuities by Hero-T
Hello, everybody! It is I, T, The Lizard of the Lord, The Slayer of Cell, The Warrior of God, Av-Hagah, Red Death, someone's even called me Tim once. Being fair on his part, though, he was certifiably insane. Anyways, you are probably wondering why I have gathered you here today. To which, I respond, I didn't gather you here today. I merely uploaded this deviation and you were the one who clicked it and are currently reading it. Thank you for that, by the way, but don't falsely accuse me of bringing you here. Right, back to the topic at hand.


Sonic the Hedgehog is probably one of the most famous characters in the entire industry of video games. While, yes, there are many other characters above him in terms of popularity, he still is very famous and is still alive and kicking to this day. As such, he had a lot of merchandise, most of which is in the animation department, but he's had a few paper based works as well. However, unlike some of the other gaming series at most points, Sonic is probably one of the few who has tried to go for stories in their series. Well... at least he used too. Eh, Lost World looks like it's gonna try least try. Regardless, Sonic's first game didn't really have a story beyond "Stop Eggman from kidnapping animals for his evil schemes." Later games, such as 2, 3 & Knuckles, and CD tried more stories, but you could argue about it. But one of the things about the series was back in it's time, stories weren't all that necessary for games. So, his story telling wasn't that great. But, like Mario, he was originally left that open so that way many authors for the TV shows and comics had a lot to work with and could write more freely. While later on, this was kinda reversed, the continuities were still going strong. As it is, there are currently a total of 8 Continuities in the Sonic franchise. Being a Sonic fan with an opinion, I like the canons in my own personal order, and this list is to show you what order they are in. If you disagree, then goodie for you, you have a differing opinion. But just know that that is all this list is. An Opinion. So, without further ado, my own, personal top 8 list of Sonic Continuities.

8: Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series(SatAM))


"Say WHAT?! You hate SATAM!? You MONSTER!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!"

...What? I said that this entire list was my opinion right? *Sigh* Oh, well. Moving right along here, yes, SatAM is at the bottom of my list. Why? Well, for your information, it's not because I hate it. On the contrary. It's a fantastic series that you should go and watch for yourself. The reason why it's at the bottom though is because other things fix the problems I have with it. Which I'll be getting to later on.

I think one of the reasons I like it is because I think it has one of the darkest stories in the history of Sonic. Not the darkest, but hey, we'll get to that later. It stars, obviously, Sonic the Hedgehog, who in this show have a nice little band called the Freedom Fighters. Consisting of Sally Acorn, the royal princess and the main character's girlfriend, Rotor Walrus, a-get this-walrus who has a knack for making machinery and such, Antoine Depard-dep...arrdeee... D'poopface-Y'know what-just Antoine, a french coyote who is the most cowardly out of the bunch, and Bunnie Rabbot, a half roboticized rabbit, who coincidentally is named Rabbot.

:iconovasonicplz: Strange, isn't it?

We'll be getting to that one later... Anyways, I suppose I should explain what Robotization is for all of you who don't know. All 2 of you. Robotization is something that was made in SatAM, it is the process of turning living beings into mindless robots. This was created, not by who you'd expect, Robotnik, but instead, Sonic's uncle Chuck, another character introduced in the series. But it was scrapped when Chuck found out that it took away free will. Robotnik decided to take it and roll with it. He himself took over the entire planet of mobius, and roboticized nearly each and every single one of it's inhabitants. The lush beautiful planet was turned into a polluted and disgusting world.

Sally, Sonic's girlfriend, leads the team of freedom fighters and together, they have to take down Robotnik's forces. Many good things can be said about this series, one of which is about how dark the entire thing is and it's still for children, which in my book is always a good thing.The voice acting is an absolute joy to listen to, and it was one of the first things on the planet to make Dr. Robotnik, lead villain of the franchise, an actual threat. It introduced an entire cast of Ensemble Darkhorses, the entire Freedom Fighter cast, Snively Robotnik, Robotnik's Nephew, and Uncle Chuck. The going green message was done incredibly subtly. The stories are actually pretty good in it. All in all, a fantastic series. Does that mean it's without flaws?

No. Contrary to popular belief, this show has quite a few flaws, and those of which are the reason this ranks at the bottom of my list. One of which is that there is very little action, everyone tries to avoid any conflict. A smart thing to do in universe. Not so much out. As the result, not many episodes' plots really range all that far from "Go in to Robotropolies, get out." There are some that break this trend, but they are less numerous. Another complaint that I have is that Tails is not properly used in this series. Most other series, if not all of them, use Tails better then this series. As such, considering that they say Tails' age is 10, this is a really big bust to the head. Another complaint that I have is they don't really introduce the character who's apparently always been there, Dulcy. Seriously, not there for a season and a half. "What's that? No, Dulcy's always been there." Oi. I think my last complaint with it has to do with the cast. Do I think the cast of characters is bad? On their own, no. Bunnie is an interesting character. Sally is an admirable one. Rotor is pretty cool. And Antoine is someone who can make me laugh whenever he's on screen. But here's the main problem, and it's a problem that none of the other series' made. The characters feel too... samey. Yeah, Sally's a princess and the leader, but her personality is kinda the same as the others. Yeah, Bunnie's a southern cyborg, but her personality is the same as the others. Rotor's the smart guy, but his personality is-you guessed it- the same as the others. Personality wise, they all feel to much like their the same characters. At least Anotine being a coward sets himself up differently then the others. Oh, well. Still good characters. The only other problem with the series is that it left on a cliffhanger, but that's what Fanon Discontinuity's for.

So, yeah, SatAM's got problems. But it's still a wonderful series. It's just that all of the other ones don't have some of these problems. But anyways, moving on, Let's look at number 7.

7. The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog


"You like this BETTER then SATAM?! I'LL KILL YOU!"

No you won't, because you're not in my physical presence, imaginary angry person across the internet, in my mind.

Right, so, why do I like this series better then SatAM? Well, in all actuality, I like this series just as much as SatAM. I'd say the reason as to why I place this one higher is just because Tails is 4, when in SatAM, he is 10. It just makes more sense to me for him to be 4 here then him being 10 in SatAM. But anyways, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is a series where Dr. Robotnik in his most humorous incarnation, continuously tries to take over the world with his robot lackeys, Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts. However, they all suffer from Looney Tune Villain syndrome, as they are continuously outsmarted by Sonic in his near millions of disguises. Oh, well. Least he tries more then Team Rocket at disguising himself.

The show is actually considerably close to Looney Tunes type comedy, except for the fact that, similarly to the Sonic fanbase today, Logic does not work here. There is barely any shred of logic in this continuity. Grounder blows into his hand and out comes a Pumpkin. This makes no logical sense. It's hilarious. I think the only thing funnier then it is seeing other people complain about how it makes sense. If you've seen the Nostalgia critic's review of both this show and SatAM, then you've seen his reactions to some of the stuff that happens in this show, and that's where some of the true hilarity takes place. Just seeing his face when Scratch blows a beautiful woman out of his hand is priceless.

Then there all these segments which teach a moral about things like "Don't call the police for small things" and "Don't talk to strangers" And "If someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, That's no good." Which is a nice change of pace, from other shows that try to push in some sort of moral during the story. Still, nothing will top Animaniacs' wheel of morality.

All in all, a good series. I would only recommend it to someone who likes to see absolutely insane plots which make no sense whatsoever... Or if you have a friend that hates that kind of show. But now, Number 6.

6. Sonic Underground

Don't! ... Let me. *Smacks self with a hammer* There. Now none of you will complain right? *Audience boos him and throws tomatoes at him. And a chair*

Alright, alright, shut up.

Now then, Sonic Underground ranks in above both SatAM and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog for me. Why? Well, I'll tell you why. One of the big reasons, I suppose, is that Tails was in the previous two Sonic cartons, and he was treated like a moron. I knew that trend would continue here, so, I like it because of it's lack of Tails. That's one of the reasons. Another reason is that unlike SatAM, the characters aren't samey. Sonic is, as always, the egotistical one with attitude. Robotnik is, as always, the main villain. But then we take a look into other characters that were made for the show. Manic and Sonia. Manic was a lovable rogue, who was similar to Sonic. The only difference is that he doesn't have the same powers as Sonic, has a slightly differing standards then him as well(He would try and steal some things that wouldn't belong to him), and is, all in all, a likable character. Sonia is...well... Not as likable. She's whiny, a bit of a snob, but is still generally good natured in the end. These two are Sonic's bother and sister, all of which are the offspring of queen Aleena.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, it's weird. But, hey, I've seen worse. *Looks to Sonic 06* Moving right along, we also have some other characters here too, such as Sleet and Dingo, who basically are Scratch and Grounder for this show, Bartlby, who acts as the Antoine of the show, but isn't in the spotlight nearly as much as him, and Knuckles the Echidna, guardian of the Chaos Emerald.


What's that? Knuckles appears in this series?! Yes. Yes he does. He appears in 4 episodes. One introducing him, and the other three being a triple parter which might actually be the first time in history where Sonic and Robotnik actually work together. While he's not perfect in this installment of the franchise, this is the closest thing that we're going to get to a "Knuckles in SatAM" story. Unless you take the Archie comics into account.

While I do enjoy this show more then some people, I can say it isn't perfect. Much like how every episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog had a Sonic Sez segment in each episode, every episode in this series has a musical number. Unlike Adventures, the musical numbers aren't all that good. Which is amazing for something Sonic related. Songs not being good in Sonic is like a Mario game without eating mushrooms. It's just not right. But regardless, I still think it's an okay series. Not the best in the franchise, but certainly not horrible.

All in all, if anyone in this series gets into something modern related, I expect Manic to be voiced by Drake Bell. But now, let's look at number 5.

5. Sonic OVA

One thing that's normal about video game movies is simple. Thy suck. Most of the time it all depends on several different factors. Usually it would be because a Video game's plot is too short and simple, or to long and complex to be put into a movie. As such, you'd think that a movie about Sonic the Hedgehog would be awful, right?


The Sonic OVA is on of the very few acceptations of a video game movie being bad. And that's why it ranks in at 5 on this list. It starts out with Sonic and Tails relaxing, until an old man owl comes in and tells them that the president needs their help, When they go out and find him, they also find their nemesis, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, there as well. However, he doesn't want to kill them. No, on the contrary, he wants their help as the evil Mecha Robotnik wishes to destroy the world. As such, they go and try to stop them, with a new visit from Knuckles, who can, for some reason, defy physics. Eventually it's all revealed to have been a ploy by Robotnik as he trapped Sonic in a machine for a few seconds, somehow having that put the finishing touches on the real scheme of his-Creating Metal Sonic.

It does have some original characters in it, much like the other series. These being the Old Owl Man, the president and the presidents daughter... Princess... Sara... Hm... What gives me the strangest idea that we'll be seeing a character like her in the future? Oh, well. Anyways, the movie is a delightful piece of work. The music, as always, is a pleasure to listen to. The plot is actually very good for what it's worth. And this is actually one of the very few times where we take a look into an aspect of Sonic's character that we rarely see-Sonic being a jerk. Seriously, the way he acts around some people makes him look like a jackass. When he old man owl is spiraling out of control in his flying car, he tells Tails to go and do it and the way he acts about makes me think he just doesn't give a crap. It's hilarious. Granted, I'm pretty sure it's somewhat implied that he and the Owl have some history and that history is somewhat of a Spongebob-Squidward relationship going on there, but he still kinda acts like a jerk.

It's also probably the first Sonic thing with audio where the voice acting isn't all that great. It's not bad, but some of the voices don't fit the character. Oh, well. Still fits him better then Roger. :disbelief: But one of the most humorous things about this is that it originally was a two part pilot of a Sonic anime that never really got up of the ground. When they brought it over here they just made it into a movie. But, where this thing failed as an anime in Japan, it succeeded as a movie over here. However, it would soon have a successor, you could say. And that successor is not only lasted longer, but is next up on this list. And now, we have reached the halfway point of this list. I'd say it's just about time to Go go go go G-g-g-g-go go!

4. Sonic X

"ERMAGERSH! Sonic X?! You put This abomination above the great SatAM?! What is wrong with you?!"

:iconsonicfuplz: Same to you pal.

Yes, Sonic X begins the halfway point of my list and I do like it more then SatAm and other cartoons. However, I should make specific note that it only took that placement because of the third season. I find the first two seasons somewhat boring and just plain bad. Although if I said it wasn't a guilty pleasure, I'd be lying. The first season mainly focused on Sonic and his friends being teleported to earth from their unnamed home world, which everyone should refer to as Mobius because like you have a better name for it anyways. It mainly had Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream all living with a rich kid named Christopher Thorndike, who tried to keep them a secret from everyone, but much like the decency of the show, that was quickly dropped. If there was one thing I could say about it it was that it tried to be a mixture of both serious and silly. In one episode, it was shown that the Chaos Emeralds were incredibly powerful and could contain so much energy, yet they still played a baseball game over it.

During our time in the first season we have one of the biggest problems of the entire series, Chris Thorndike. There's a reason there's a show called Everybody Hates Chris. Anyways, Chris is meant to be the kind of lonely rich kid character who has no friends and we're supposed to sympathize with him because Sonic is one of the first few friends he's ever had. This probably could have worked had they not shown his friends at school and all of the extra help around the house like Tanaka and Ella, or even his grandpa Chuck. Chuck was one of the few cool human characters in the show.

The second season mainly dealt with adapting Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2 and Battle, as well as fixing up the moon, something that no other series has done. At the end of it all, though, it was revealed that the earth and Mobius were somehow going to merge together for some reason unless Sonic and his friends went back home. Don't question logic here, just roll with it. But since Chris became so attached to Sonic and his friends he decided to take Sonic and run away with him. The hedgehog did go along with him willingly, though, so it's not like he overpowered Sonic. He did however get back to his home world in the end.

The first and Second seasons were horrible, they bombed in Japan. However, they had already made a third season, and it was popular enough in America, so they decided to air it. Probably one of the best decisions ever made for the series. The third season introduced us to a little character called Cosmo the Seedrian, who is the last of her kind with a bad case of self esteem and survivors guilt, and remains a fan favorite to this day. She comes down from space to warn Sonic and his friends about the Metarex, probably the second most interesting alien race in the entirety of the Franchise... Maybe. We'll have to see what the Zetis hold in store for us. Anyways, the Metarex's plans is basically to take something called the planet egg from a world, which is basically the life force of the planet.

Anyways, as it turns out, Thorndike is in this season just like the other two. But there is one thing that I gotta say about him that I couldn't say about the other two. He gained my respect. In this season, he is now an 18-year-old who was able to successfully build a portal to Sonic's world and has apparently mastered Karate. Unfortunately, the latter skill is pretty much lost when he goes to Sonic's world, as he is reverted physically back to his original age of 12. Regardless, he now at least has some use to the group, acting a the techie while Tails acted as the captain of the vessel known as the Blue Typhoon. After Cosmo warned Sonic and his friends about the Metarex, they went out into Space and fought against them.

In the series, you could say that there's a lot of filler in it. A while bunch of the episodes focus on some things that really don't have all that much impact on the plot, aside from telling us that the crew was in space for a long time. But don't go and skip every episode. Some of them do have importance for later ones. I'd say the most important episodes come from the ones where Tails and Cosmo are the main characters of them. In them, we clearly see Tails grow a crush on the little plant girl. It's clear that his feelings aren't platonic. You might be able to argue for Cosmo, but at that same point in time, it's most likely that she could also be feeling the same way about Tails. The two don't share their feelings for one another in the series.

They find out that Cosmo's race is not extinct as they once thought as it turns out, the Metarex are a part of her species. Back in the olden days, they were fighting in a war with another race of aliens and losing it too. The females decided to try and run, look for a new planet. The males on the other hand were stubborn and wouldn't go down without a fight. The males found out that the planet egg could allow them to win. The females, however, left the planet, as the males took the planet egg, the planet itself withered away. The males however not only conquered the alien threat, but became one themselves, forming the Metarex. It's also revealed that Cosmo was an unwilling spy for the Metarex. Everything she sees and hears is directly broadcast to the Metarex. Not even she knows about this until the near end of the series.

At the end of the series, Sonic and all his friends come and fight the Metarex and Dark Oak, their leader in the final battle of the series. In the end, it's clear that the Metarex won't come out of this the victor. So, they decide to go out with a bang and destroy everything in the universe. At the end however, Cosmo does something that makes all the difference in this final battle. She sacrifices herself. This is one of the most admirable things she's done in the series. Giving up her life for the rest of the universe's. It also is one of the saddest things in the series as she can only hold off the Metarex and the only way for them to be destroyed for good is for the heroes to fire a giant cannon at them killing them in the process-as well as Cosmo. The kicker? Tails has to fire the shot. This led to one of the most emotional moments in the entire series, as well as one of the very few times where there is a bittersweet ending to a continuity such as this.

It's amazing how big of a story can be brought out of something so little. The entire third Season of X is by far my favorite animated Sonic media of the four shows and movie. It's the only thing worth watching of it and all that I can really say about it is that the reason it carries is because of Cosmo. This little girl hands down saved the show from being a crappy anime. It makes me sad that she died as well. However, if I were given the chance to bring her back in X, I wouldn't. Why? Well, she is much better remembered for her sacrifice and bringing her back would only lessen the blow. Plus,people who write fanfiction would be somewhat out of a thing there, because a plot they write for sometimes is Tails coping with Cosmo's death. However, if I could introduce Cosmo into another part of the franchise, I would. Heck, maybe with her entire story she could fit... in with... the SatAM cast... Give Tails something to be motivated about... pull in some interesting ideas with that.. spy thing.. Hm... *Ahem* Yes. Anyways, if you'll excuse me, I must go and write something down for later. An idea for a story just popped into my head.

But, all-in-all, the third season of Sonic X is fantastic. Go watch it. But without further adieu, let's move on to number 3.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog (Games)

Alright, it's no doubt that we would be seeing this on the list at some point or another. The Sonic games are an important part of the entirety of the Sonic franchise. Without it, we would have none of the other continuities previously mention and of the next two after it. As such as well, I can't get too much into everything here. That'll take way too long. So, I'll attempt to keep it to a minimum.

What do I love about the games that puts them so high up on this list? Simple. I think they're good. But the real question you're probably asking is "Where is my sack of taquitos?" And I'm not going to answer that. But enough of your food misplacements. On with my ranting. I like the games because of not only some of the stories they tell, but how they tell them, as well.A perfect example is Sonic Adventure. I love that game's story because you get to look at it from the perspective of 6 different characters. They all blend together with each other's story so well. Not to mention the fact that each time you see a scene that you've probably seen before, depending on the characters' the lines are a little different. So, it's not just like you've seen the exact same thing before hand. It makes me think that perhaps this is how some characters perceive things differently. Not to mention that that game's story is actually interesting. We see Knuckles' race and can kinda sorta see where all the other Echidna's went.

Another reason I like the games is because with the Adventure games we had a little bit of an over arching storyline. But that wasn't the main focus of the games, so that was there for fans to explore. An example. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles we get to see Knuckles guarding the Master Emerald from evil. Robotnik decides to try and steal it to power the Death Egg. But was that the only reason? Think about it. In Sonic Adventure, his basic plan was to unleash Chaos upon the world and build his great empire. This is made even more likely when you consider Sonic Adventure 2's story, as well as Sonic Battle's. In Sonic Adventure 2, Robotnik finds his grandfather's journal and takes a look through it. We find out that his grandfather made Shadow the Hedgehog, who has an uncanny resemblance to Sonic. This is quite a coincidence to swallow. The same thing deals with the fact that on the Space Colony Arc there's something called Artificial Chaos, an enemy that looks incredibly like Chaos from Sonic Adventure 1. Two uncanny resemblances to previous, almost unrelated things. However, when Sonic Battle rolls around, we see in Gerald's Diary that he studied on Angel Island at one point. When we take into account of the mural of what we can assume is a prophecy, telling of the ending of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, as well as Chaos' history, that makes everything much clearer. Shadow was unintentionally based off of Sonic. The Artificial Chaos was based off of the actual Chaos. Which was probably inside Gerald's diary, explaining why Robotnik knew about Chaos.

Even when the games to interconnect like that, they still tell pretty good stories. Sonic Unleashed comes directly to mind. In it, Robotnik decides to try an old trick again, and use a giant incredibly powerful entity to help out with his plans. Some of the end results are Sonic being turned into a Werehog, gaining the ability of stretchy arms, the planet itself being broken apart into seven pieces, and Dark Gaia's minions to be scattered across the planet. As it turns out, Dark Gaia had apparently broken the planet up before, though. It's just that Eggman woke it up prematurely. It also introduces us to my second favorite Sonic character in the entire franchise, Chip. However, at the very beginning of the game, he gets amnesia, and decides to go with Sonic all around the world to save it, by putting the Chaos Emeralds into these things called Gaia temples, which bring pieces of the planet back together. Later on, it's revealed that Chip is actually Light Gaia, Dark Gaia's counterpart, and for the countless eons where Dark Gaia has been breaking out of the world, Chip has been putting it back together. At the end of the game, Chip performs a heroic sacrifice, saves Sonic's life. Not at the cost of his own, but still. Chip certainly was, and still is, one of my favorite Sonic characters. When you play the game, you'll know what I'm talking about. The story book series is also really good, but, that's probably something that can be covered for another time.

However, I won't say that it hasn't had it's downs as well. Sonic 06, Shadow's spin off game, and Sonic Chronicles all had pretty horrid stories in them. Sonic 06 can basically be summed up as "Sonic trying to be Final Fantasy, written by a horrid fanfiction writer." Shadow's game made so many changes to the original plot that it kinda felt... just like it was trying to end off his character. And Sonic Chronicles pretty much had an abysmal story with all the Echidna's and having Knuckles know everything about his past. Thankfully, that last one has been retconeed to be non-canon.

However, as of recent, it seems that the games are focusing less on story and more on gameplay. Which, for a game, isn't necessarily a bad idea. But, I do take issue with it, because I believe that story is the secondary thing that you need to put into some games in order for them to be good. But I do firmly believe that you don't need a good story to make a good game. You just better do a darn good job at making the gameplay fun. Why? Because if the gameplay isn't fun, then why would I play it? Story is the answer. If the story and the characters are really good, then I can push through terrible gameplay and continue along in the game, just to see what happens next. And unfortunately, with what Sonic Colors and Generations delivered in terms of story, it doesn't seem like Sega really cares so much about story as much as gameplay. Which is something that Mario, who is the greatest video game character of all time, has lived by. But, hey, some of the best Mario games have really good story and character put into it. I'm looking at you Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. From the Looks of things, Sonic Lost World is going to be interesting, at the very least. But then again, it's also being developed by Nintendo, so I'm not sure how well that's going to go.

But anyways, that's the games for you. At number three on my list. But we have two more awesomer things to go through. So, onto Number 2!

2. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comics(Archie))

":iconangrysonicplz: I could take the stupid Adventures show, the crappy Sonic Underground, even the Abysmal Sonic X, but you dare to tell me that the ARCHIE COMICS are better then SatAM!? THAT'S IT! :pissedoff:"

... He blew up. Well, good to know that hypothetical moron fanboy is gone.

Yes. The Archie comics rank in at number 2 on this list. However, much like Sonic X, this wouldn't be the case had it not been for a certain writer.


That's correct. Ian Flynn, the current writer of the Archie comics. And to all of those out there who are asking why, I'll tell you. It's because he has delivered me one thing that I've been asking for. Stories that fit Sonic. Now then, I'm gonna say this, I wasn't always into the Archie comics., There was a time when I acknowledged them and really didn't care. That was, until my friend got me issue 225 and the Silver Saga. After that, I got hooked. To which, I did a little bit of research on. I had always assumed that the Archie comics were a Sonic comic title with confusing story-lines that make Kingdom Hearts seem like a cake-walk in terms of understanding, and Romantic Plot Tumors that were in your average, everyday Soap Opera... Speaking of which, why is it called a Soap Opera? Were they originally Operas about Soap? Regardless, it wasn't until I did some research into it when I realized that it wasn't always like this. It was at one point, which is why I never liked them until now. However, when Ian Flynn came around, he did so many things to fix what the comic had either broken, or had made stale. He turned Evil Sonic into Scourge the Hedgehog. He made an incredibly boring and bland characters into entertaining ones. He nuked Knothole and replaced it with New Mobotropolies. He made sure that Sonic's name was never Olgilvie. He made easy to understand story lines, with little to no romance in them, with the occasional exception. I'm fine with romance in my Sonic comic, I just want it to remain a secondary thing.

One of the reasons I like the Archie comics is because they try and flesh out the world, which is something that the games rarely attempt to do. I say "Rarely" Because while I can name a few of the games that try it out, they don't do it very well. Sonic Unleashed tried to flesh out the world, but aside from giving us certain places, they don't focus on on the cultures, or people around them, and mainly focus on Sonic and his crew. Yes, the Archie comics do that to, but at least when they're brought somewhere, they interact with the people at the places other then, "Oh, hey, is this where we're supposed to go?" A perfect example is in the Chaotix arc, where Vector, Charmy and Espio go to look where Mighty and Ray went. They go to two locations, Mercia (Yes, it actually is called that) and Sand Blast City. They help out with the Mercian Freedom Fighters, who were dealing with the threat of Lord Hood. We got to see the way those freedom fighters were while they were lookking for their friend, who was actually somewhere else. After they finished up there, they went to Sand Blast City, and met with the Sand Blasters, another group of Freedom Fighters. A group of Freedom Fighters in name only. They acted more like villains then the Egg Legion, who actually were more just villains under circumstance. This gave us an interesting look at some of the world around Sonic, and not just Sonic's adventures.

Another reason is the use of the SatAM characters in the comic. In the comic, they actually try and differentiate themselves from one another, so that way they feel like other characters. Not to mention the more modern feel the comic has makes the characters actually seem more useful then in their original show. And by that, I mean I think that they can actually hold themselves up in a fight. While I do hold respect for SatAM's cast, let's be honest, if SatAM Sally was up against X Amy in a fight-and I mean an actual fight-she'd probably come out of that with broken bones. That frailness, I suppose you could call it, is gotten rid of in this comic, which is a good thing for such a series. Yes, it does deteriorate from SatAM, but really, the Archie comics are more action based then stealth based. This is not a bad thing, but if I wanted to watch or read a stealth based story, I wouldn't watch Sonic, I would go and watch the movie Metal Gear Solid 4.

Sally was a character that I personally think was saved because of the comics. Let me explain.I always thought of Sally as an alright character. Never really hated her. Never really liked her. Supported her and Sonic together thanks to canon couples and whatnot. But she never really grasped my attention... until 230, where she pulls a sacrifice to save the world from being roboticized, but at the cost of herself. Why does that grasp my attention? It's because of how it's portrayed. Sally fully knows that she will be roboticized. She fully knows of the consequences. She still takes the hit for everyone. It's something that really made me admire and like the character. I can honestly say that without it, I would have just continued to think Sally was just another character and I really wouldn't care about her.

Bunnie's another example. She was always an interesting character because of her robotic parts, not so much her character itself. But here, we finally get to see more of that character, and I enjoy it. She always should have been an extremely powerful character with her cybernetic parts and here, she kicks ass and takes names. I think my personal favorite moments with her were during the Mecha Sally arc where her limbs are deroiboticized. Here she realizes how her cybernetic parts helped her in combat, and made her a use to the team. Because of her newly reborn flesh and blood, she sees her husband basically take a bomb to the face in front of her very eyes. And then she went and did something drastic. She went to get legonized. For those of you who don't know, in the comics we have the Dark Egg legion, which are people who work for Robotnik. In it, most if not all of them are cyborgs, but not roboticized. No, they are true cyborgs, with their original organic body parts taken off and replaced with robotic parts. This means that Bunnie went over to there and got true cyborg parts, not just robotization. Which, if you've seen the early SatAM, you would take one of Bunnie's very few things about her character is that she wanted to be deroboticized. Become flesh and blood again. And this was after the hope-filled story where Ant told her that she could do anything, which just makes it seem all the more sad in hindsight. And that makes her decision seem all the better.

This was just stuff in a few issues too. While I will always say that some of Ian's stories are atrocious, such as 172, I can also say that most of them are fantastic pieces of work. But there is one more thing ahead of this. One more continuity ahead of this one. And the reasons as to why are simple. It didn't fall into the same pitfalls that this comic did at one point, with Spotlight stealing squad echidnas, romantic plot tumors, a continuity snarling adaption, and a few other things. But what is this number one continuity, you may ask? Well, if you figured it out, don't be too proud of yourself, dude, it's not that hard. But still, with any further ado, what is in my opinion, the best Sonic continuity of all.

1. Sonic the Comic (Fleetway)

Yes, That is correct, Sonic the Comic is at number 1 on this list. Why, you may ask? Oh, so many reasons, where do I begin. Well, definitely not with Issue 1. You could actually skip all the way to issue 8 if you want a sure-fire continuity starter. What's the premise of the story? It's simple really. Much like SatAM and the Archie comics, Sonic in this comic is part of a Freedom Fighter group, fighting against Robotnik, who has, you guessed it, taken over the world. However, it has many differences in between not only SatAM and Archie, but many other Sonic continuities as well.How is this you may ask?

Sonic's back story is widely different from Archie Sonic's "I've been with the main characters since childhood" Or X Sonic's "I'm from a different planet" Or even the game's backstoryless Sonic. IN this comic, he started out as a brown hedgehog, with many more spines then he normally has. Along the lines he met a kind scientist known as Dr. Ovi Kintobor. He helped him do several tasks, one of which involved ridding planet Mobius from evil. Another thing is that while Sonic was fast, he was still no where near the fastest thing alive, though, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the fastest hedgehog alive at the time. As such, Kintobor wished to test Sonic of his speed. In doing so, coupled with the power sneakers he invented, Sonic caused the experiment to go KERBLOOEY! But as a result, Sonic's quills fused together and he became blue. With this new transformation, he became even faster, gaining the title of fastest thing alive.

Robotnik's backstory is, as Sonic's widely different from the games as well. Remember that Ovi Kintobor fellow I mentioned earlier? Well, an accident in the lab with Chaos energy, something that Kintobor was studying, and a single raw egg that he forgot to throw out, caused the kindly professor to fuse with the negative Chaos energy and the egg, turning him into Dr. Robotnik. That's right. We pulled a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide with Robotnik. The issue we reveal this in is also the issue where the plot for most of the comic starts as well, with Robotnik sending the Freedom Fighters 6 months into the future, in which time he successfully takes over the world. He also has a lackey, Grimer, who has won first place as my personal favorite of Rootnik's lackeys. Why does he have this place? Because he is the first competent lackey of Robotnik's who won't betray him no matter what. He's had several times where he could easily betray Robotnik and win for himself, but he doesn't. It's is loyalty that makes me like him. That and every other one of his lackeys would probably send Robotnik to hell the first chance they got.

The Freedom Fighter cast is also fantastic. Tails, like in SatAM, is a part of the freedom fighters, but here he actually does more for the story, and he's treated like a smart character. Smarter then any of the shows treated him anyways. He also has quite a few solo adventures, most notably being his adventures in the Nameless Zone, his home zone. One thing that I especially like abo8ut this Tails that sets him apart from the others is the fact that he actually has lied to his home zone about Sonic. He tells them that he is the hero of Mobius and Sonic is his side kick. Does this detract from his character at all by making him a liar? Not really. In fact, at some points I think he even tried to explain it, but the elders were just not listening. Not to mention that this is the only lie he's probably ever told in the comic, and all it leads to is his own adventures.

And Porker Lewis is a fantastic character as well. He is the closest thing to a techie that the series has, since Rotor isn't here and Tails isn't really known for that sort of stuff. Much like Rotor, he eventually did leave the freedom fighters, but for a very different reason. On a single mission to the miracle planet during the Metallix arc, where he was stranded upon the planet for a month and couldn't get back. He had a nervous breakdown and quit the freedom fighters thanks to spending an entire month as the Brotherhood's prisoner. After he left, he went and stayed in the Mushroom Hill Zone with Knuckles where we saw him from time to time. One of which, we find out that his backstory is more interesting then Rotor's originally, he was a resident of the Special Zone, named Oscar the Pig, who worked for a crime lord Hammerhead. He was duped into making a bomb for him, and he sabotaged it, fleeing to Mobius and changing his name.

Amy is... Well, lemme put it this way. Take Amy Rose of today. Tone down her obsession with Sonic. Take away her anger issues. Replace her hammer with a crossbow.Boom. Amy Rose of the Fleetway comics. Honestly, she's not all that fantastic of a character in the comics. Better then her Archie counterpart at the point of the comics publication, mind you-comically it was closer to what she is today. Johnny Lightfoot isn't all that great either, with him just being a token character. But he does happen to be the only freedom fighter on the main team to get killed in the comics, something that is played up a bit in the online continuation. But that's a story for another time.

There were also two characters who were temporary freedom fighters at one point, Tekno the Canary, and Shortfuse the Cybernik. Tekno is similar to Porker in that she has a thing with machines. However this is not the only characteristic they share,as Tekno once worked for a villain as well, working for Dr. Robotnik. She too attempted to sabotage Robotnik, by developing Anti Badnik technology. Despite these characteristics of Tekno being present in Poker, Tekno was much more adventurous then him. It was also lightly implied that she had feelings for Shortfuse, who I'll get into now.

Shortfuse was originally Shorty the squirrel, a very bad tempered fellow. But when his friends were taken into custody to be turned into Badniks, he tried to free them, only to be caught himself and be chosen to become the power source of the newly created Cybernik, but not before doing significant amounts of damage. The damage he caused to the Cybernik, along with his own stubborn nature, allowed him to keep his free will. He is an incredibly interesting character and honestly, one of the reasons I love the comics so much. The only real massive flaw in him is that in every single appearance of his, he tells you about his backstory, which is a good thing for new readers, but a very annoying thing for old ones.

But not all the important characters are Freedom Fighters. Knuckles the Echidna is one of these characters. Like in the later games(Or at least until heroes), Knuckles is a guardian of the Floating Island and the Chaos Emeralds. There really isn't all that much to note about him, because he's pretty much exactly like his game counterpart. But there is something to note against his Archie counterpart. In the Archie comics, his entire race is there and important characters. Here, on the other hand, it isn't. And considering how horribly executed it was in the comics, I'm personally glad it wasn't expanded on too much. The only Echidna that actually appears in the present aside form Knuckles is Dr. Zachary, who is an elderly echidna who wished revenge on his race for unknown reasons. The Echidna's do appear in the comic, however, during the Sonic Adventure adaption, where we find out that they were once at war with the Drakons, and apparently lost the war to them, explaining why they're all gone.

That actually brings me to another thing I like about the Fleetway comics over the Archie ones. Game adaptions. If there's one thing that I know is going to happen with this series, it's adaptions of the games into other continuities. And when this happens, I want the adaptions to be good. I want them to take as many elements from the games, and add in their own ones as well. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is incredibly faithful to the original game, while at the same time doing things for itself. Hey, I don't remember Angel Island having a giant "F You" laser on it. The Sonic CD adaption is also very good as well, along with Knuckles Chaotix, and Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies Island. However, there comes a point where the continuity drifts so far away from the original story, that adapting other games is harder to do. The Archie comics proved this with it's Sonic Adventure adaption. However, the Fleetway comics adapted Sonic adventure very loosely, and as a result, the story came out a lot better. Nowhere near the snarl of continuity as the Archie comics.

Next up, I'll talk about one of the poster boys for the Fleetway comics, and the first over-arcing villain aside from Robotnik, The Brotherhood of Metallix. Now then, Metallix is the name of the Fleetway comics counterpart of Metal Sonic. He initially showed his face in the Sonic CD adaption, but later on he appeared int eh Sonic 3 & Knuckles arc as Mecha Sonic, or at least another model of Metallix. Later on once again, in the Knuckles Chaotix adaption, we see a return of the brand of robot, but this time a whole army of the buggers. Their next and final appearance, aside form the Knuckles Metallix in the Drakon story arc, is when their plan comes into fruition. They go back in time and prevent Robotnik from ever existing, and take over Mobius themselves. As a result, Ovi Kintobor still exists, not Robotnik. However, the only way of fixing the broken timeline is by setting things back the way they were. As such, Sonic himself places the rotten egg in the fringe that turns Kintobor into Robonik. After this, they go back and win against the Metallix once and for all.

Nearly least, but not least, I'll be talking about what many people consider the poster boy of the Fleetway comics: Super Sonic. For those of you who are unaware, Super Sonic is a super powered version of Sonic, who is nearly indestructible. Not in this continuity. In these comics, Super Sonic is a psychotic demon, with the amazing abilities such as enhanced speed, strength, flight and laser vision. Sonic transforms into this demon under the two circumstances of an over exposure to chaos energy, or a great amount of stress. Whenever Sonic goes Super, he looses control and goes ballistic, wishing to kill everyone and everything. Similar to a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide thing. Super Sonic's single weakness is the fact that Sonic can't stay in the form for very long, loosing Chaos energy to power him. However, this weakness was overcome at one point, as Sonic was actually super charged with enough Chaos energy to allow Super Sonic to become a separate entity from Sonic. Super Sonic is living proof that you don't need to be a deep character to be a great villain. Not to mention that this in itself brings up one of the very few things that is brought up about the comics that I do want to cover before I end off my ranting.

Sonic's personality in the Fleetway comics. Now then, some of you may be wondering, "What does Fleetway Sonic's personality have to have a different segment? Doesn't he act the same way as all the other Sonics? Well, the answer is no. Unlike most other Sonics, Fleetway's portrayal of Sonic has him being bossy, arrogant, immature, and somewhat of a jerk.


... Oh? Well, in that case, SatAM's Robotnik is an OOC Eggman. Eggman wouldn't be such a monster as that guy. So by that logic, Robotnik is OOC. Or, you could be taking it from my logic and say that Fleetway Sonic is different from the Sonic of other continuities. After all, the reason as to why he's like this is because he can't express his emotions well. Like how you or I would express them. A perfect example is when Porker quit the freedom fighters and he was very angry at Porker. The reason as to why, as stated by the writer of the comic was "because he didn't want Porker to go - not because he despised him for his cowardice but because he was just so desperate for Porker to stay. It's just Sonic's inability to express his feelings get him so screwed up."

The concept of Sonic handling stress differently from other people and him not being ale to express his emotions properly is an entirely different take on the character and is interesting. It not only makes him different from other counterparts, but it also allows for more routes to be taken on a story. Sonic being a jerk allows the plot to progress in a way that wouldn't have gone before. That leads to new plot lines and new stories tat wouldn't be told before. And honestly, I would have thought the combination of Robotnik being one of his best friends turned into an evil villain and the fact that if he gets too stressed he unleashes a monster who could end the lives of everyone he holds dear would make the guy angst a little too much to the point of where I would just scream out, "Oh, Mata Nui, STOP WHINING!" But no. Instead, he handles his stress differently. Which, in my eyes, is more interesting, and is what really sets him apart from the rest of the Sonics. It's a different take on a pre-existing character, and that's why I love it.

I've gone incredibly far in explaining why I love the Fleetway comics, and I haven't even covered other subjects, such as the Drakons, Commander Brutus, the Chaotix, or Robotnik Reigns supreme. So, I'll just spare you more of my fangasming. This has been my list of my top eight Sonic continuities. Bottom to top. Worst to best. Once again, this is my own personal list of my favorite to least favorite canons. An opinion. If you have a differing opinion, then good. These 8 continuities are what makes me love Sonic to this day. And from the looks of the rumors, we're going to get a ninth in the from of a new cartoon, called "Sonic Boom." That is something I'm looking forward to in the future. It'll probably going to be a different continuity... and that means I'm going to have to update this.


Great. Just great. Oh, well. Looking forward to it, and what else some of the ongoing continuities have in store. Thank you all for reading, comments are appreciated, and all that other good stuff. See ya later.
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I agree with Fleetway.  Dat shit be epic but Sonic X just makes everyone OOC.  And SatAM is Sonic in name only.  It's a good cartoon but not a good Sonic one.
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OVA: Weird as hell
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Heh sorry of the Sonic Boom thing but yeah. :lol: ^^; Just saying this was really well done. Including learning more of some stuff in the games canon that I never thinked of. And of how some other parts of the continuities(Computer spelt that right.) make it more interesting(Computer spelt that too.). Inclduing learning more of the Fleetway comics. You may have changed my mind a bit on the Archie comics cause of well stuff happening in them. But not fully. Still this was really well done. :iconclapplz:


Nice to learn some more things from this and well still awesome. And yeah I did mention you just yeah sorry. :XD:

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